Bear Creek Farm is a small farm in central Oregon committed to sustainable practices. We are purveyors of all natural, free grazing, pasture-raised heritage breeds. Our mission is to help ensure the future of healthy food and farmland through genetic conservation, the promotion of endangered breeds of livestock, and holistic land management.

Our home base consists of ten acres of irrigated land nestled at the base of the Cascade Mountains, with the high desert unfolding beyond the eastern horizon. In addition, we have several hundred acres of summer pasture in north Klamath County with the sentinel, Yamsi Mountain, guarding our eastern flank, and Wildhorse Ridge hemming us in to the west. The Upper Williamson River meanders through this hidden valley providing water for our animals, the native Redband trout, and the verdant riparian habitat along its shores. Situated at 5,000 feet in elevation, we have snow-free access to this remote pasturage from May through October.

The friends and guardians of these lands, and the livestock they support, are Dawn Stuart and Bob Rogers. Dawn went to high school in Chiloquin, Oregon, which is the closest village to their summer range in the Yamsi Valley. After spending decades away from "home" to attend college and discover that the big city lights of Los Angeles didn't fill her soul, she returned to her cowboy roots by moving back to the Oregon high desert. In 2010 she and her partner, Bob, decided to get a few chickens, maybe a couple of sheep, then a cow or two...and Bear Creek Farm was born.

Bob grew up surfing in San Diego, CA, then migrated to the north Oregon coast to find cold, un-peopled waves. While he continues to surf some of the best waves the world has to offer, his home base is with Dawn and their animals in Bend, Oregon.