English Shepherd Dogs

English Shepherd Dogs
Riley (dam)
Trail Blazer Connor X Trailblazer Madeline
UKC registration #: B236.482
ESC # 5970
PennHip: Right DI = 0.28, Left DI = 0.24    Click here for the PennHip report
More photos of Riley
Tank and Riley
Tank and Riley

A litter of 2021 puppies has arrived!


Please read the information below before sending in your application. Links to the application are at the bottom of this page.

Our puppy price is $850. If you conduct a PennHIP test and send us a copy of the results, we'll reimburse you $100 (cost for this test runs between $150 - $300 depending on where you live)

A $150 deposit is required to hold a puppy. The balance will be due in cash at the time of pick-up or prior to shipping. All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser. This would include a plane ticket, health certificate (required by airlines), crate, leash and collar, etc. If the breeder delivers the puppy to the Bend/Redmond Airport for shipping, an additional $50 will be added to the puppy price to cover breeder's time and expense. You may opt to fly out and pick your puppy up, in which case the puppy can fly with you in a carry-on bag or crate. This can sometimes save money in shipping and can be a better trip for the puppy too.

I supply my puppy buyers with plenty of educational material to help the new families prepare for their puppy, get to know the needs of their puppy and to help with raising their puppy. I also provide safety information. I post this information online regularly or send via email, along with photos and updates about the puppies. Buyers are strongly encouraged to read the information to become informed about how to best care for the puppy once it comes home

All buyers are responsible for any injury or damage that may occur to the puppy.

It is also highly recommended that the owners take their puppy to training classes, and consult with a trainer to learn proper puppy/dog training methods.

Puppy buyers may visit the puppies as often as they desire while the puppies are developing. My goal is to find lifetime matches for puppies that will lead to the best outcome for both owners and puppies. I take careful consideration in the matching process. Prior to matching puppies to families, I let the puppies grow and develop, watch their temperaments, structure and working instincts with the intent to match puppies to the homes that seem to fit the needs of both family and puppy. This matching process takes place at or just after the seven- week period of age. The puppies receive a structural evaluation at 7 weeks, which helps to ensure strong structured puppies going to highly active jobs/sports. A structural evaluation can't take place prior to that period of their development. Also, their temperament changes and is more apparent at this 7-8 week timeframe as well. Some seem to be experiencing greater awareness of their surroundings through an increase of their sensory development. Therefore, the puppies are best matched to homes between this 7-8 week period. I encourage puppy buyers to not get attached to one particular puppy or to pick a puppy out by appearances. Towards the end of this process, I talk more with each puppy buyer to narrow down the puppy that seems best suited for their family. I am happy to involve the family in this process and attempt to please the preferences of the family as much as possible. While this process takes patience, I find it to be the most responsible and successful way, which leads to a long happy life for both the puppy and the owners.

The litter will be registered with the English Shepherd Club Registry. It will be up to you to register your individual puppy with the club and/or the United Kennel Club. Riley is registered with both.

The puppies will have been wormed and will have received their first 5-way puppy vaccine. Your puppy will come with a 10-day health guaranty. This guarantees the puppy to be healthy at the time of purchase. It is recommended that you have a veterinarian examine your puppy within 10 days of acquiring your puppy. If the puppy becomes ill within 10 days and your vet feels the illness was contracted from my place, I will need vet records from your veterinarian. If this is the case and proof is received, I will reimburse vet fees up to the amount of the puppy's purchase price but not over, or I will take the puppy back and replace with a different puppy if available, or provide a full refund of the purchase price of the puppy at the time the puppy is returned.

Your puppy will be handled daily, and socialized with our family, our farm, and with people outside of our family, including with children and large men, which will help them be more well adjusted to unique circumstances as adults.

All puppies are introduced to basic training at 4 weeks old, using positive reinforcement. They will be house trained. They are temperament tested and structure evaluated to help determine proper placement and ensure that they are sound healthy puppies.

If during the life of your puppy, there comes a time when you are unable to keep the puppy, you must notify me and cooperate with me to find a suitable, healthy home for the dog; or return the dog to me.

By signing the contract, you agree that you are purchasing this puppy for your own family and will not re-sell this puppy/dog to any other person.

We take great pride and responsibility in the puppies we raise. We like to hear how your puppy is doing and appreciate updates on your puppy.

We are available at any time for advice or assistance with any issue that you may need.

If your application is accepted we require a $150 deposit to hold your request.

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Riley's pedigree

Tank's pedigree